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CoolSeal Trinity Intro Video

CoolSeal Reveal Intro Video

CoolSeal Trinity - Periaortic & Perinephric Lymph Node Biopsy

Periaortic & Perinephric Lymph Node Biopsy utilizing the CoolSeal Trinity 5mm Vessel Sealer, Divider, and Dissector

CoolSeal Trinity - Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy Utilizing the CoolSeal Trinity 5mm Vessel Sealer, Divider, and Dissector.

Dr Rothenberg - Thoracoscopic LUL

Dr. Steven Rothenberg walks through a Thoracoscopic LUL for a Giant Metastatic Lesion Using the Trinity 5mm Hand-piece and CoolSeal Technology

Dr Slater - CoolSeal Introduction

Dr. Bethany Slater introduces the CoolSeal Vessel Sealing Suite. Portfolio Introduction and Procedure Application

Dr Zamora - Chronic GERD w Hernia

Dr. Irving Zamora walks through a case of Chronic GERD with Large Hiatal Hernia in a 16-year old male

Dr Zamora - Perinephric Lymphadenopathy

Dr. Irving Zamora walks us through a case of Periaortic and Perinephric Lymphadenopathy in a 14-year old female.

Laparoscopic assisted Pull through for Hirschsprung's Disease using the JRS 3mm Vessel Sealer

Newman Neck Dissection

Courtesy of Jason G. Newman, MD, UPenn

Key points:
neck dissection, neck cancer, neck tumor, lymph node removal, lymphadenectomy, tumor removal, level 1 neck dissection, level I neck dissection, midline neck tumor, lymphatic tissue, submandibular gland, level 2 neck dissection, level II neck dissection, deep dissection, digastric muscle, mylohyoid muscle, otolaryngology, neck tumor removal, neck cancer removal, Reveal

Newman Parotidectomy

Courtesy of Jason G. Newman, MD, UPenn

Key points:
Parotidectomy, parotid gland, parotid tumor, tumor removal, parotid gland removal, parotid gland tumor removal, superficial parotidectomy, total parotidectomy, facial nerve dissection, deep dissection, otolaryngology, parotid fascia, auricular, tragus, parotid duct, lymph nodes, facial nerves, facial nerve branches, Reveal

Newman Right Thyroid Lobectomy

Courtesy of Jason G. Newman, MD

Key points:
Thyroid gland, dissecting, sealing, dividing, thyroid surgery, thyroidectomy, tissues, vessels, skeletonization, ligation, Reveal, open surgery, Berry’s ligament, trachea, Isthmus, thyroid lobectomy, right thyroid lobectomy, left thyroid lobectomy, left thyroidectomy, right thyroidectomy

Thoracoscopic Left Lower Lobectomy

5 week old patient
5.5 kg

Thoracoscopic Right Upper Lobectomy

Thoracoscopic Right Upper Lobectomy Utilizing the CoolSeal Trinity 5mm Vessel Dealer, Divider, and Dissetor