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I had fibroids… It was awful. Eventually I had a D&C to remove the lining. Then I had them again as my IUD was embedded in one. After that I had an ablation. That was 2016 and so far, I think I’m ok.


For me, my heavy periods were a part of my daily routine of just how I was living. Whether I was having one or not, I was always preparing. I was missing those little moments that you don’t realize you really want to have.


The pain goes away but it is so sharp you feel like someone is stabbing you in the gut over and over. The doc thought I had appendicitis. But the ultrasound said different things. I had three huge fibroids [and a] complex cyst on my ovary… Thankfully, I found a doc that wants to help me…even now I’m still not sure what to do. Every woman I know that has had this doesn’t have her uterus anymore.


I suffered from uterine fibroids for 2 years. My symptoms were low [back] pain, leg pain, pelvis pain, and spasms. My largest fibroid was 6 cm. I first chose the noninvasive procedure called UFE for relief. Unfortunately, the procedure was unsuccessful for me possibly due to the size of fibroid. My doctor recommended a hysterectomy thereafter. I refused to settle for that resolution when I knew I had other options. Several months later I confided in a different doctor, and I had surgery removal via myomectomy and now have instant relief. I encourage women to explore all options and choose what’s best for them.


I had five fibroids, and they ranged in size from 2.5 cm to 3 cm. [After the Acessa procedure] my periods were no longer heavy, no longer painful, and no more cramping. I just feel like I have a whole new lease on life. I feel like a new person.


When I had the fibroids, I looked about 2-3 months pregnant…my clothes were no longer fitting anymore…I didn’t feel good about myself. After the [Acessa] procedure, my tummy started going down again, I was able to wear my clothes again, and I just felt like myself.


The NovaSure procedure was the healthiest, safest option for me. I didn’t have to worry any more about heavy periods, ever again. I knew this is what I needed to do for myself.


It’s important to listen to your body and make sure you report all your symptoms to your doctors because they’re not going to know how to help you if they don’t know what’s wrong. It’s important to explore all your options. Why have a major surgery when you don’t have to?


I’m living with fibroids. I dread the fact of coming on my period these days. My period consists of heavy bleeding the first 3-4 day[s]. It’s to the point I schedule events/activities around my period… I’m tired of living like this.

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