See. Do. Seal
See. Do. Seal.

Under one complete hysteroscopic family, Hologic’s newest generation of tools gives you the confidence to address your patients' most important gynecologic health issues.

Simplified. Advanced. Streamlined.
Omni Hysteroscope
Omni 4K Video System
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One Hysteroscopic Suite for Every Need

Omni 4K Video System captures and stores 4K-resolution images with an easy-to-use, customizable, and programmable customer interface.

Omni Lok Cervical Seal

Omni Lok Cervical Seal reduces fluid leakage, helps maintain distention, decreases clean-up time after hysteroscopy, and improves procedural efficiencies in the OR.1-4

Omni Hysteroscope offers three interchangeable sheaths with 0° or 30° options for flexible diagnostic and operative capabilities, complete with 200-mm working length to tailor to the patient and procedure.

Omni Hysteroscope

All-in-One Flexibility

The Omni hysteroscope is designed to allow you to perform your best work. Its quality and flexibility help you get the most out of your day with an all-in-one scope. The Omni scope gives you confidence by offering rod lenses for quality visualization throughout procedures.

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The Omni Hysteroscope MyoSure CompatibilityMyoSure® MANUAL DeviceMyoSure® LITE DeviceMyoSure® REACH DeviceMyoSure® XL Device
5.5 mm Sheath
6 mm Sheath

Omni 4K Video System

Brilliant Visualization

Advanced autoclaveable camera head with 4K-resolution for vibrant colors, posterior illumination, and even light distribution.

Omni4K with Example Screen Shot

Brilliant 4K resolution allows for 4 times the amount of information as HD and captures a wider spectrum of color during surgery.

Complete 3-in-1 system automatically captures and stores data. The Omni 4K console is the cornerstone of the system, which contains the Camera Control Unit, the LED Light Engine, and the Digital Documentation System.

Omni Lok Cervical Seal

Set, Seal, and See

See it in action


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Important Safety Information For Omni™ Hysteroscope
The Omni™ hysteroscope is intended to provide viewing of the cervical canal and uterine cavity for the purpose of performing diagnostic and operative procedures. The Omni hysteroscope is not appropriate for patients who are exhibiting acute pelvic inflammatory disease or exhibit the following conditions: inability to distend uterus, cervical stenosis, cervical/vaginal infection, uterine bleeding or menses, invasive carcinoma of the cervix, recent uterine perforation, medical contraindications, or intolerance to anesthesia

Important Safety Information For Omni™ Lok Cervical Seal
The Omni™ Lok cervical seal is used during a hysteroscopic procedure to minimize liquid distention media leakage from the cervix. The Omni Lok cervical seal should not be used in a patient with a contraindication to hysteroscopy.

1. As compared to procedures completed without the Omni Lok cervical seal.
2. Hologic Data on file. VAR-08420. Physician questionnaire after video introduction to device; N=15.
3. Hologic Data on file, DHM-07810, bench test utilizing extirpated uteri; N=3.
4. Hologic Data on file, VER-09159, bench test utilizing a uterine model; N=22.