Talking to Your Doctor:

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Make the Most of Your Visit

It’s easy to forget things when you’re in the exam room. Use these tips to ensure you address all of your questions.

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Talking to Your Doctor

Heavy periods, painful periods, or abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) may affect many women, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Here are a few things to bring up at your visit.

Start the conversation with questions like

  • I’ve noticed that my periods have changed, can we talk about that?
  • My lower back and legs are really painful on my period; is that normal? 
  • I’ve heard that many women are getting treated for heavy periods…is this something I should consider?

Before your visit, keep track of details like 

  • Number of days of bleeding
  • What type of protection you need each day (for example, light pantiliner or heavy pad, light or more absorbent tampon, or even double protection)
  • How frequently you need to change protection
  • If you notice any clots in your flow
  • How your life has been affected (missing work, social, or athletic activities, etc.)
  • Any other symptoms (such as fatigue, cramps, headaches, irritability, etc.)

Questions to ask your doctor

  • What might be causing my heavy bleeding?
  • Do I need to have any tests?
  • Is treatment right for me?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • What does each treatment involve?
  • If I have symptoms, how long should I wait before getting treatment?
  • What types of treatment do you perform?
  • What success rates have you had with each?

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