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Prepare your office to perform the MyoSure Procedure

MyoSure System Brochure

GYN Coding and Reimbursement Guide

PALM-COEIN: Your AUB Counseling Guide

Clinical Articles

MyoSure Hysteroscopy Accessories Guide

Pathology Infographic

Fluent Quick Setup Guide

MyoSure Setup and Troubleshooting Guide


MyoSure Tissue Removal: Methodology Matters

What Happens During the MyoSure Procedure?

The MyoSure Manual Device

How OBGYNs Use the MyoSure® REACH Device

How OBGYNs Use the MyoSure® LITE Device

Get Closer With the MyoSure REACH Device

Patient Testimonial

Removal of Retained Products of Conception With Dr. Zurawin

MyoSure Device Cutting Window Placement Technique With Dr. Houser

Polypectomy With the MyoSure LITE Device

Multiple Pathology Resection With the MyoSure Device

Calcified Pathology Resection Technique With Dr. Randell

6-cm Myomectomy With Dr. Morales

2-cm Myomectomy Resection

Polypectomy & Endometrial Sampling

3-cm Polypectomy Resection

Adhesiolysis Resection