You spoke. We listened.
How your input is giving women with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) another option

Many women suffering from AUB have been told a hysterectomy is inevitable. They may not realize there is another choice. Fortunately, you do.

Physicians like you have relied on the NovaSure® endometrial ablation procedure to help over 3 million women1 discover a simple way to reduce or stop AUB for improved comfort, confidence, and quality of life.

So who better than you to help influence the development of the NovaSure V5 device, the newest device in the NovaSure family?

When considering product enhancements to this gold-standard portfolio, we spoke to you and the women you treat—and the innovations reflected in the NovaSure V5 device are a direct response to your needs.

You asked for greater customization and enhanced accuracy. We delivered:

  • A newly designed cervical seal featuring EndoForm™ technology, designed to increase the sealing surface and accommodate a range of cervical canals2-4
  • AccuSheath™ markings designed to improve the accuracy and confidence in device placement and seating5,6
  • SureClear™ fluid removal system, which provides integrated suction through the array by constant tissue contact even in irregular anatomy while simultaneously removing ablation byproducts such as vapor and fluid from the uterus6

Together, we created the NovaSure V5 device, the most sophisticated endometrial ablation device in Hologic’s portfolio—and together, we’re changing outcomes for millions of women with AUB.

To learn more about the NovaSure system, contact your sales representative or review the library of resources available here:



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