Redefine dilation with SureAccess™
balloon technology

Definity cervical dilator with SureAccess balloon technology effortlessly accesses a wide variety of cavities to ensure a seamless, gentle, consistent1 and confident2 dilation process so you can focus on your procedure, not accessing the cavity.

*As compared to fixed dilator.



Definity Callouts

3 sizes to meet your hysteroscopic needs for a range of procedures and patient anatomy, including:

  • Challenging cases with stenosis1
  • Tortuous canals
  • Cervix associated with a severely anteverted or retroverted uterus

Definity Sizing Chart



  1. Hologic Data on File. VER-09559. Bench test utilizing 2.4 mm model.
  2. As compared to fixed dilator.



The DefinityTM cervical dilator catheter system is intended to be used whenever cervical softening and dilation is desired. Some examples are: treatment of cervical stenosis,  IUD placement and removal, placement of instruments for intrauterine radiotherapy, endometrial biopsy, global endometrial ablation, uterine tissue removal, uterine curettage, diagnostic hysteroscopy, operative hysteroscopy. This device is not intended for use in the induction of labor. Use of the Definity cervical dilator catheter system is contraindicated in patients with: an active genital tract infection such as genital herpes, pelvic structure abnormality that prevents passage of the device, or invasive cervical cancer. This device is also contraindicated for the induction of labor.

For detailed benefit and risk information, please refer to the Definity cervical dilator IFU.

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