Talking To Your Girlfriends About Below-The-Belt Health

Talking to Your Girlfriends About Below-the-Belt Health

Who comes to mind first when you have news, need advice or just want to debrief on your day? If you’re like most women, your answer is probably your girlfriends. So, why is it that women are vocal with their friends about virtually every facet of their personal, professional and romantic life, but can’t get comfortable talking about their below-the-belt health? The shame associated with periods has deterred women from talking about these issues for centuries, but we are finally starting to break down those barriers by making women’s health a national priority. So why not keep that #femaleempowerment momentum going within your close circle of friends? Let’s mix things up, shall we?

And if you’re still not convinced, here are just a few of the benefits of turning girl-talk into period-talk:

  • Common Ground

If both you and your friends menstruate, then chances are you have some common ground in terms of run-ins with less than desirable period problems. Why not talk about these issues instead of suffering in silence? Not only will this make talking about it easier, but talking about what other women go through during their time of the month can actually help to provide a baseline for what’s considered normal and what may be abnormal, and can arm you with some knowledge before you approach the topic with your physician.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

You’ll find that the more you do or practice something, the more comfortable you become doing it. That methodology applies here, too! By initiating a conversation with your girlfriends, you allow yourself to make a habit out of voicing potential concerns, which will definitely come in handy during your next OBGYN appointment. If you’re dealing with an abnormally heavy period, and feel particularly concerned about discussing the topic with your doctor, you can also try out these talking points to make things easier.

  • Trendsetting

Manifesting positive and honest conversations around menstruation can be incredibly impactful, especially when it comes to setting the trend for future generations of women. By simply putting these conversations out there in the universe, women have the power to normalize something that’s been associated with shame, embarrassment, and even fear for hundreds of years.


If you leave a conversation feeling like your period symptoms may not be “normal,” don’t be afraid to talk with a doctor, especially if it prevents you from getting out there and #livingyourbestlife with your girlfriends!