Body Confidence: 3 Tips For Feeling Great In The Heat

Some lucky ladies enjoy piping hot lattes and cozy layers from October to April. If the climate you live in allows you to sit poolside in December, consider yourself lucky, too. Though you might not feel so lucky if body confidence isn’t your thing.

When it’s warm out, your attire choices often have minimal fabric. Should you swelter and hide under baggy sweaters? Absolutely not! It’s time all women embrace their beautiful bodies and develop a confidence in themselves that has nothing to do with the number on the scale or the tag of their clothes.

Learn how to embrace your awesome self with these three tips.

  1. Find Your Flexible Comfort Level

You know why there are so many options for warm weather clothing, such as T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris, skirts, dresses and bathing suits? Because people all have different comfort levels as to how much of their skin they’re willing to show. One-pieces are back in style and maxi dresses are the perfect summer staple, so you don’t have to feel pressure to wear bikinis and mini-skirts on the days where you’re not feeling up to it.

Your body confidence and body shape may be fluid, so being patient with yourself and your wardrobe is paramount.

  1. Honor Your Body

Treating your body with care is the first step to being comfortable in your own skin. However, when you’re showing skin, it’s even more important. First, protect your skin with sunscreen. You don’t want to burn or bake while enjoying your time outside. Second, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking water in warmer temperatures is vital, and it can actually help alleviate painful menstrual cramps1. Win, win!

Exercising is another way to build a healthy body that you’ll feel comfortable to show. Being physically active isn’t only for people trying to lose weight. Your entire body and your mind benefit from regular movement. When you feel good physically you may also feel good mentally.

  1. Memorize Body Healthy Mantras

Let’s face it. Even if you’re feeling your best when you walk out the door, the heat might make your hair fall flat, sweat may cling your clothes to your body leaving wet marks, and you might catch your makeup running down your face. So, what do you do when you’re no longer looking as fresh and clean, but everyone else seems well put-together?

The answer: relax! Focus on your attributes instead of your flaws. Try not to compare yourselves to others. If you’re feeling a brief moment of doubt, repeat body healthy mantras to yourself like, “I’m beautiful inside and out” or “I breathe in confidence, I breathe out insecurity” or “Just because she’s perfect doesn’t mean I’m not.”

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