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Reimbursement Hotline

If you have questions regarding coding, coverage and payment please reach out to The Pinnacle Health Group. Pinnacle provides reimbursement and coding support through a staff of professional certified coders and can address questions regarding:

  • Coding
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Private Payer Research of Contracted Rates (PPR)
  • Patient Benefit Verification
  • Patient Preauthorization / Pre-Certification
  • Claims Appeals & Denials
  • HIPAA Compliance Support



2021 Coding Guide



Surgical Coding Guide





Hologic provides this content for informational purposes only. This is not an affirmative instruction as to which codes and modifiers to use for a particular service, supply, procedure or treatment. It is the provider’s responsibility to determine and submit the appropriate codes and modifiers for any service, supply, procedure or treatment rendered. Actual codes and/or modifiers used are at the sole discretion of the treating physician and/or facility. Contact your local payer for specific coding and coverage guidelines. Hologic cannot guarantee medical benefit coverage or reimbursement with the codes listed.