Introducing Patented Surgitron Dual RF unit

with advanced CutSURE RF technology for unparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility and safety.

For use in private office, surgery center, or hospital

Simple and versatile system allows for a wide variety of procedures to be performed such as:

  • Biopsy for pathology
  • Vaginal Polyps
  • Vaginal Cysts
  • Labiaplasty
  • Condyloma
  • Bipolar coagulation
  • Skin Lesions

CutSURE™ Precision Cutting Technology

  • Enables micro-smooth incisions in thin, mobile, or tension-free tissues for excellent results with minimal scar tissue
  • 73% less thermal spread compared to competitors* for maximum readability of histologic specimens
  • Less burning or charring of tissues for quick recovery and decreased post-operative pain

*as compared to Bovie 1250 & Valleylab Force FX in porcine tissues


Minimize Lateral Thermal Spread and Maximize Precision


5 Distinct Waveforms offer optimal clinical outcomes across a wide range of procedures

Fully Filtered (Cut)

Micro-smooth cutting • Negligible lateral heat • Minimal cellular destruction • Ideal for skin incision and biopsy • Best cosmetic results 1,2

Full Rectified (Blend)

Cutting with hemostasis • Ideal for subcutaneous tissue dissection and planing • Especially useful in vascular areas while producing minimal amounts of lateral heat and tissue damage

Partially Rectified (Coag)

Coagulation / Shrinkage • Ideal for hemostasis with controlled penetration • For cutting with maximum hemostatic control


Maximum hemostasis • Ideal for intentional tissue destruction



Pinpoint, micro-coagulation • Minimum charring or tissue necrosis • Ideal for coagulation in and around critical anatomy

  1. With less tissue destruction, healing is accelerated and patients can recover quickly. Bridenstine, J.B., Dream Surgery (1998); vol 24, p397-400.
  2. High frequency RF surgery causes less trauma7. Ericsson, E, et al, The Laryngoscope (2007); vol 117, p654.